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SolarCity customers just produced enough energy in one day to charge every Tesla in the world


As the community of SolarCity customers has grown to more than 230,000, they’ve become an increasingly impressive source of energy across the country.

Together, they have produced billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity that have powered their neighborhoods, businesses, municipal buildings, and even US military bases.

And just a couple weeks ago, SolarCity customers had their biggest day of energy generation yet — surpassing 8 million kilowatt-hours of electricity production in a single day.

Just how much is 8 million kilowatt-hours? How about putting it in terms of something else that’s been on people’s minds lately — Tesla electric vehicles.


That’s a lot of joy rides. According to the EPA, a fully charged Tesla Model S has a range of about 234 miles — roughly the driving distance from Washington DC to New York (coincidentally, both are places where solar power is taking off!). You can see our math below.

Whether solar panels are fueling your car, powering your home’s air-conditioner and appliances, or powering the US economy … 8 million kilowatt-hours in one day is a lot to go around.

We couldn’t be more excited for the rest of spring and summer — to see even more awesome results that the sunniest days of the year bring to our customers and their communities.

Calculation note: Tesla Motors, Inc. reports that it has sold more than 107,000 Model S vehicles through the end of 2015. A standard Model S has a 70 kWh lithium-ion battery. 8 million kilowatt-hours of electricity could provide a full charge to more than 114,000 Tesla vehicles.